CBD Oil is good for you!

So why isn’t everybody taking ?

The short answer is: because of price, education ( lack of) and unclear and obsolete legal classification of the plants in the cannabis family.

CBD is a natural extract from the hemp plant. There is a lot of misunderstanding about the family of cannabis plants. Marijuana is only one of the many varieties of the plant.

CBD oils are relatively new to the market. Cannabis rich in the psychoactive THC is available in the black market for decades. People familiar with marijuana are inclined to see CBD as a non-effective, weaker and less important plant extract.

People rely on prescribed medication for convenience and distrust in their own ability to self medicate and self care.

On another point, the price of CBD is too high for the low income consumers. The best extraction of CBD is possible using expensive new technology equipment.

On the one hand hemp oils and CBD products are seen as the same product that was illegal for decades. For the uneducated, cannabis means just one thing: marijuana. In the US the Hemp Farming act of 2018 makes the clear distinction between industrial hemp and marijuana. This differentiation allowed for the hemp industry to grow at an unprecedented rate.

The grey line and confusion between hemp and marijuana acts as an obstacle for normal business practices: legal CBD businesses find it hard to access banking facilities, retail spaces and advertising.