We love Hemp. For us Hemp Is Hope!

We are not in the business of selling CBD. We are in the business of helping people discover the Benefits of using this superior plant. Hemp ( Cannabis Sativa) can feed, clothe and heal us.

Here at Hempmans we’ve seen and lived the hope brought to life by CBD: from a mother crippled by chronic pain, to the teenage son dealing with anxiety, to the passionate athlete dealing with sore muscles and customers coming back with great feedback, I have seen it all.

However we offer NO Medical Advice whatsoever

You are free to make up your mind to use CBD or not as a food supplement and add it into your diet. Always ask your licensed medical practitioner if you have any health concerns.

The Hempman doesn’t promote drug use but rather encourages everyone to be educated in self-help.

Cannabis Sativa is natural, safe, legal and useful! What’s not to like?

Not sure about CBD benefits for yourself? We are on a mission to help everyone have a better quality of life.

Hempmans Originals is now part of the General Gym Group